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What is lightweight screed?

Light weight screed or low density screeds use a combination of high performance engineered screed binder and special aggregates to achieve a screed that is significantly lower in weight whilst not sacrificing strength or performance.

The problem with most lightweight or low density screeds is that in order to achieve the low density, the sacrifice compressive strength to a very large degree. Many lightweight screeds achieve only 2-3 MPa compressive strength, which is around 1/10th the performance of any reputable engineered screed.

Until recently the choice has always been..."You can have it strong, or you can have it light...which do you want?"

Follow years of practical experience and R&D, the ScreedMax Air range of screeds are able to deliver both low density and high compressive strengths suitable for any flooring type, and all able to be mixed and pumped using the ScreedPro Pump Truck system eliminating the need for manual mixing and handling.

Our computer controlled automatic screed pump trucks mix and pump high performance lightweight screeds up to 180m or 30 stories high.

ScreedMax Air is able to be manufactured to pretty much any density requirement but is typically supplied at either sub 1700kg/m3 or 1300kg/m3. Even lower density lightweight screeds are also able to be mixed according to the engineer or architects' specification.


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