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What is Granolithic Screed?

Granolithic screed is a term often used to describe a floor screed that uses sands comprising small hard wearing aggregate pieces of varying particle size distribution such that the resulting screed is high strength and hard wearing.

Granolithic screed is often specified by architects or engineers in order to distinguish from lower strength screeds made using fine sands of uniform particle distribution or silica sands that are of lower compressive strength and density.

ScreedMax Grano is our range of high strength granolithic engineered aggregate sands which due to their high strength nature and broad particle distribution ranging from fines up to small aggregate result in very high strength screeds. 

ScreedMax Grano sands are primarily used in our ScreedMax Pro engineered screed range but also with our ScreedMax Commercial and ScreedMax Air screeds depending on the specification.  All of our ScreedMax Grano sands have been extensively tested and are subject to strict quality control procedures.


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