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ScreedMax Pro

ScreedMax Pro is our range of high-performance engineered screeds designed for all floor covering and installation types including:

  • Tile and stone

  • Vinyl

  • Carpet

  • Underfloor heating (read our blog on underfloor heating screed installation)

  • Floating  screeds over foam insulation boards

  • Epoxy

  • Artificial grass

  • Bonded and un-bonded and floating

  • Rapid drying

We work closely with a number of specialist international binder manufacturers and can meet any engineered screed specification. 


Our preferred engineered screed products within the ScreedMax Pro range include:

  • 30 MPa engineered screeds

  • 50 MPa engineered screeds

Our engineered screeds not only deliver superior compressive strength performance, they represent significant improvements in flexural and tensile strength, shorter drying time, reduced shrinkage and cracking risk.

Furthermore, due to the high performance characteristics, ScreedMax Pro engineered screeds when combined with ScreedMax Fibres can eliminate the need to incorporate steel mesh in many circumstances which is a significant cost saving as well as dramatically reducing installation difficulty. 


Engineered screeds such as ScreedMax Pro are the future of screeding.  In the past engineered screeds have been very expensive and only available in small format 20kg bags, however with the bulk mixing and pumping power of the ScreedPro Pump Trucks, we are bringing engineered screeds into the mainstream at significantly reduced prices and installation efficiency.

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