The area we are screeding is not on the ground floor. How high can you pump it?

Yes, our system is a fully automated mixing and pumping system. Whether you are on the ground floor or 30th floor we will mix and pump the screed exactly where you need it.

How fast can you pump?

We can mix and pump up to 6 cubic meters an hour. That’s a huge volume of screed! But don’t worry, if your job is tricky, we work to your pace. We can start, stop, speed up or slow down as you required.

Our pumping speed depends a lot on how high and how far we are pumping and the product we are pumping. Every job is different. Most clients work on an average of around 4 cubic meters per hour as a rule of thumb.

We can be on site for as little as 1 hour or 24/7. We work to your schedule and requirements.

Can you pump sand or soil?

Yes. We regularly pump sand or soil. So long as it doesn't have rocks in it, it is normally no problem.

How do you install the hoses?

Every site is different and we have a range of hose setup techniques to account for every scenario. When our Operators determine their hose setup procedure, the first priority is always the safest setup.

Can you pump up a finished building?

Yes. We regularly supply remedial projects and finished buildings where extra care needs to be taken with how we install our hoses to ensure protection of the building.

What about cleaning your hoses?

We are fully self contained. We have a unique system for cleaning our hoses so that even if there is no waste disposal on site, we can still clean up and leave site in exactly the same condition as we found it.