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ScreedMax Air

ScreedMax Air is our range of high-performance lightweight engineered screeds also known as low-density screeds.

Lightweight screeds are often characterised by either being light or strong, but never both.  

The ScreedMax Air range of low-density screeds benefit from our decades of experience in all types of binders, sands, aggregates, lightweight fillers, additives and mixing techniques which allow us to provide screeds that deliver very high performance whilst meeting the mass restrictions of even the most complex projects.

Traditional screeds normally weigh approximately 2,200kg per cubic meter with some engineered screeds weighing closer to 2,400kg per cubic meter.

At ScreedPro we regularly supply lightweight screeds between 1,600 - 1,800kg per cubic meter and even lighter depending on the engineering requirements.

Due to the unique ability to mix to virtually any recipe on site we are able to mix screed to virtually any density and performance requirement.   

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