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ScreedMax Commercial

ScreedMax Commercial is our range of traditional sand cement screeds. 


Designed for tile and stone installations, ScreedMax Commercial is made using high-quality single source or blended sands with low clay and organic matter content and are guaranteed to achieve a minimum of 14 MPa and typically achieve a minimum of 14 - 18MPa after 28 days.

Recommended installations include:

  • Tile and stone

  • Bonded or Un-bonded

  • Reinforced with ScreedMax Fibres or mesh

  • Polymer modified

Why our traditional screeds are different

Traditional sand cement screeds often have a poor reputation when it comes to strength, quality, consistency and longevity and given the high cost of replacing the entire flooring system because of a screed failure, we fully understand why.

However, at ScreedPro, our traditional sand cements screeds are used and relied upon across the country on major commercial projects day in and day out.  So what makes our screed different from sand cement screeds mixed in the traditional way?

Traditional screeds are mixed in small mixers that do not give a strong mixing action, with the sand and cement recipe estimated by shovel, the water content differs in every mix and the quality of the sand varies significantly and tilers are under pressure to save money which sometimes this results in a lower cement dosing rates.

All our screed is computer controlled, weigh-cell dosed  and mixed by large powerful mixing systems.  We are "sand nerds" and know as much about sand as we do about screed and supply only the best sands for screeds, and we even make and blend our own sands so that we always have exactly the right sand for the job.

Al these factors combine to result in a very high quality, strong and consistent screed suitable for commercial, residential and industrial floor preparation that has been relied upon by the industry for years.

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