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More than just a product range

We work closely with Builders and Architects to develop specifications and solutions for complex projects. 


By leveraging both our experience and the full capabilities of our pump trucks, we can mix to virtually any specification. 


We have more than just a product range, we have the capability to manufacture the product you need, on the spot, to your exact requirement.  Every time.


Don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss your requirements or challenge that you need a solution for or you can check out our articles on choosing the right specification floor screed and choosing the correct screed installation technique.

Our products include:

  • Sand cement screeds

  • Granolithic screeds

  • Engineered screeds

  • Lightweight screeds

  • Polymer modified screeds

  • Fibre reinforced screeds

  • Water-repelling screeds 

  • Efflorescence blocking screeds

  • Self leveling screed

  • Cement stabilised sand

  • Sand and soil pumping

Compare our full range of traditional, engineered, lightweight and self-leveling screeds here.

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