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ScreedPro has been successfully trading for over 20 years and has a large fleet of screed mixing and pumping trucks in NSW, Victoria and WA.

We supply hundreds of projects across Australia each year including:

  • Hospitals

  • Aged Care

  • Stadiums and sporting centres

  • Apartments

  • Commercial high-rise

  • Shopping centres

  • Schools and Universities

  • Public spaces

  • Regional and country projects

  • Residential - both developments and individual properties

Our Pump Trucks

The current fleet of ScreedPro pump trucks are our 3rd generation of screed trucks built on our long experience and for the specific needs of our clients. 

The fleet's impressive capabilities include:

  • 12-15 cubic metres per load

  • Multiple loads per day (we regularly supply over 30 cubic metres per day per truck)

  • Mixed and pumped up to 6 cubic metres per hour, depending on height and distance (typically around 4m3/hr on an average job)

  • Pumped up to 180m horizontally, 30 stories vertically

  • Computer controlled mixing and pumping

  • Automatic fibre and liquid admix dosing

  • Controlled by remote control and an iPad app

  • No dust generation

  • Noise suppressed - sub 80 decibels

  • Fully self contained.  All they require is access to tap water on site

  • Steerable rear axles on the trailer.  This allows us to access the tightest of sites in the CBD.  

Sand and soil pumping

We can also pump sand and soil, so long as it doesn't contain rocks.  We regularly pump screed for planter boxes and then pump sand and soil to later fill them.

Our People

ScreedPro is led by a team of highly qualified and experienced Executives and Operators


Our Executives ensure the maintenance of our performance, quality, client service, safety, culture and ethical standards.  

Our Operators are not your average truck drivers!  After passing through the ScreedPro Academy, our internal training program, our Operators act like a football  quarterback on site ensuring the safety and our people and equipment and the successful supply of the screed to the installation crew.  Check out our blog on what it takes to be a ScreedPro Operator.

Quality control

The quality of our product is synonymous with our reputation and we take quality control extremely seriously.

Each Operator has an iPad loaded with our in-house developed certification app from which they can both control the pump truck and issue a detailed daily Supply Certificate to the client.


A safe job is always a better planned and executed job.  Our people and our equipment are both extremely important and valuable to us.  We invest a lot of time and money in training our team and developing high-quality safety systems and procedures and we bring to every job a level of safety planning that typically far exceeds industry norms.  We want every Operator to have a great day on the job, with a happy client, a clean site and a truck ready for work the next day.  We never cut corners on safety for our people or our pump trucks.  Learn more about our unique and comprehensive approach to safety.

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