On Site

Setting up on site

One of our trucks will arrive on site at the specified time. It normally takes only a few minutes to park the truck, connect to water, put down floor protection and ensure everything is safe and good to go. Typically, if we arrive at 7am, we are often mixing within 15-30 minutes.

If we are pumping a long distance or height, it will take a bit longer to set up and we will ask the installation crew to give us a hand so that we can start operations quickly. If it’s a really complex pumping job, we may come the day before to set up the hoses so that when the truck arrives for the job it can get started quickly.

Is there any mess?

We aim to be a zero impact on site. We carry custom engineered pump out bags for the safe flushing of hoses and mixers and apply ground protection sheets around the truck in case of any spillage.

Do you require on-site storage or power?

No. We are fully self-contained and other than access to water we don’t require anything other than a place to park whilst operating.

Do I need wheelbarrows or labourers?

No. Our system mixes and pumps the screed where you need it. Once our hoses are laid out, the system will pump the screed up to 180m horizontally or 90m vertically to exactly where you need it.

Access to our site is tight. Can your truck get in?

We are tight site specialists. Our screed trucks have advanced rear steering axles that allow us to access tight locations and of course, we can pump the screed up to 180m as well, so there is rarely a site we can’t supply screed to.

Thanks to our rear steering axle system, our pump trucks have the same 12m turning circle as a car. We can literally get in anywhere.

Pre-start meeting

Before we start, our Operator will host a pre-start Toolbox meeting to discuss the plan for the day and make sure all safety and operational issues are discussed up front.