Screed Technical

I have a complex job, can you help?

Yes. We are highly experienced in solving problems, meeting high performance specifications and safely and efficiently supplying screed in tight, complex, busy work sites.

We will be pleased to meet you on site to plan all the aspects of your job.

What types of screed to you supply?

Check out our products page for full details of all our different screed specifications. If you can't find what you need, let us know, we can mix a screed to virtually any specifiction.

  • Screed we typilcally mix include:
  • Traditional sand cement screed for tile and stone
  • Engineered screeds for resilient flooring such as vinyl, carpet, timber or epoxy
  • Engineered screeds for underfloor heating systems and floating insulated screeds
  • Lightweight and low density screeds

We have a certain screed or system specified. Can you work with that?

We regularly work with a number of different products and suppliers. Let us know what has been specified on your job and we will either meet that specification or propose a higher specification alternative.

Do you have technical data sheets and testing reports?

Yes. Quality control is extremely important for us and we have full technical documentation for our screeds and sands including lab analysis and technical data sheets.

Do you certify your screed?

Absolutely. Each day we supply a comprehensive electronic supply certificate detailing the quantities, quality, time on site, environmental, site and safety conditions. For the engineered screeds this forms part of your warranty system.

Do you supply light weight screeds?

Yes, we regularly supply screed systems that are designed to achieve a weight saving.

Check our our ScreedMax Air range. We can mix screed to virtually any density requirement.

You can also refer to our article on lightweight screed.

Tell me about your warranties.

ScreedPro guarantees the quality of our screeds.

Our Mapei engineered screeds are backed by a 10 year international warranty from Mapei.

If we are mixing another supplier’s screed, we will ensure that it is mixed in accordance with their Technical Data Sheet for the product so that any warranty from the supplier is maintained.

Can you give me advice on which screed I should use?

Yes. It is very important to us that your screeding project is a success and we will only supply the correct screed for the job. We never cut corners on quality or supply a screed that is not appropriate. We will always be pleased to help you make sure that you are using the correct screed.

What about quality control?

We take quality control very seriously. All our raw materials suppliers are tested and approved by our partner laboratory and we conduct regular testing to ensure consistency.

Our mixing system is computer controlled, volumetric based to ensure consistent quality of mixing.

Do you supply screed for underfloor heating

Yes. We are highly experienced is supplying screed for underfloor heating systems. Our ScreedMax Pro range of engineered screeds are designed especially for hydronic water pipe and other under floor heating systems. Read our blog on screeding for underfloor heating systems

Do you have an Efflorescence product?

Yes. ScreedMax EffBlock is our water repelling and efflorescence blocking admix that we can dose directly into the our screed mix using our liquid additive dosing system.

What screed should I use for heavy traffic areas?

We often have clients installing screed in high traffic areas or where the tiles will be driven on such as garages. In these circumstances we always recommend that an engineered screed is installed along with high quality adhesives for both the screed and the tiles. High traffic areas or garages have additional stress factors such as point loading and twisting from tyres which could damage traditional sand cement screeds. If your garage is worth tiling, its worth using an engineered screed. The same applies for industrial and heavy traffic commercial areas where heavy vehicles or point loading is more prevalent.