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Remedial Construction

Remedial construction projects present unique challenges for builders and flooring contractors.  


Working in existing buildings, often with engineering problems and whilst the building is wholly or part occupied present a range of project delivery complexities that can increase cost and risk.

We have a long history of specialising in complex remedial projects and have the skills and product to be able to deliver on even the most complex of sites.

Examples of issues that we regularly solve for clients on remedial projects include:

  • pumping screed up or through existing, occupied buildings without impacting on existing residents

  • eliminating dust and storage of materials on site, particularly where buildings are occupied

  • lightweight screed solutions where old slabs have mass constraints

  • rooftop and balcony repairs where there has been movement or deformation in slabs and high performance screeds are required that won't crack despite the slab

  • screeding according to complex site arrangements such as screeding all 15 balconies from levels 1-15 on a specific corner of the building in a single day, top to bottom

  • complying with complex end-user conditions including property managers, tenant bodies, architects and agents

15 balconies in a day
Case Study: For this project in Melbourne every balcony of this existing and occupied apartment building needed to be screeded top to bottom in a single day with a different corner of the building being completed every month.   The volume of screed was not large per balcony but the setup and site constraints and requirement to do an entire corner of the building, all 15 floors, in a single morning were well within the capabilities of our pump trucks.  With a well planned approach we started at the top and worked our way down the building as tilers worked across multiple levels following us down the building completing the each corner of the building in a morning.

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