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ScreedMax Level Range

We have worked with Australia's leading construction chemical companies to develop a range of self leveling products to meet the needs for projects large and small.

Not only are these products top quality, they deliver significant benefits for our installers and builders through:

  • computer controlled mixing ensuring a high level of quality control

  • eliminating manual handling of bags and pallets, storage on site and all the associated costs and labour

  • mixing and pumping at up to 13 tonnes per hour, that's the equivalent of a pallet every 5 minutes, ensuring even coverage, a fast installation and significant time and labour savings 

  • the ability to mix and pump jobs of any size.  Whether 100 bags or 3,000 we can do it all in a single day.

  • application from 1mm to 70mm


View our product range comparison below and reach out to your ScreedPro sales representative for more information.

The savings in cost, time, labour, on-site storage and mixing and importantly the complete elimination of silica dust exposure compared to 20kg bags is so dramatic that we are confident once an installer uses the ScreedFlow Pump Truck and any product from our range, they will never again want to mix a 20kg bag of self level by hand again.

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