ScreedMax Level Ultra

ScreedMax Level Ultra is our top of the range self leveling liquid screed developed in collaboration with Sika and is a specially modified version of Sika's premium offering Sika Level Ultra.

With the performance characteristics that Sika is renowned for, combined with the incredible capabilities of our ScreedFlow Self Level Pump Trucks, Level Ultra is a game changer for the self levelling market delivering:

  • Fibre reinforced

  • Excellent flow characteristics and self healing

  • High early strength (15-18MPa after 24 hours)

  • High compressive strength (30 - 35MPa after 28 days)

  • High flexural strength (6-6.5 MPa)

  • Ready for use next day

  • Underfloor heating suitable

  • Internal application

  • External application

  • Suitable for all commercial and domestic floor coverings

  • Levelling of new or old concrete substrates

  • Low density 1,666kg per m3


ScreedMax Level Ultra can be mixed and pumped to virtually anywhere on the construction site at over 15 tonnes per hour.


And because we can supply it in bulk in an incredibly efficient manner compared to 20kg traditional bags of self level, we are able to offer the top of the range ScreedMax Level Ultra mixed and pumped on the floor for less than the cost of most mid-tier self levels in 20kg bag format.

The savings in cost, time, labour, on-site storage and mixing and importantly the complete elimination of silica dust exposure compared to 20kg bags is so dramatic that we are confident once an installer uses the ScreedFlow Pump Truck and ScreedMax Level Ultra, they will never again want to mix a 20kg bag of self level by hand again.