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Leadership Team

The real secret to our success is our people.  We have an amazing team of talented professionals completely committed to the ongoing growth and success of our business and our clients.  

Helen Stockdale

National General Manager (Sydney)


Helen is a highly accomplished international business executive having previously held senior leadership roles for Coca-Cola's South Pacific and Australasia regions.  Helen is responsible for the leadership of ScreedPro's executive team, driving our performance & safety culture and business growth across Australia.

Les Stockdale

National Sales Director (Sydney)


Les has over 15 years experience in the flooring industry and has held senior sales and business development roles for leading nationwide and international flooring suppliers, most recently as the National BDM for a multinational flooring supplier.  Les leads our NSW branch and our National Sales and BD function.


Contact Les for:

  • Nationwide quotes and project planning including Qld, ACT and NSW

  • Nationwide marketing and press enquiries

  • Major account relationship management

  • NSW leadership matters

Jason Waite

Qld State Manager (Brisbane)


With over 28 years in the ceramic tiling industry as both a contractor and project manager for Queensland's largest contractors and more recently a Technical Sales Representative with Sika Brisbane delivering advice and service in all aspects of the building finishing trade.

Jason prides himself on delivering exceptional technical expertise, building firm client relationships and project delivery to our Qld clients.  

Contact Jason for:

  • Quotes and project planning in Qld

Louise Roberts

General Manager - Regions


A seasoned General Manager, Louise supports our regional operations with a high degree of organisational efficiency and leadership across Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.


James Harrington

Victoria Sales Manager (Melbourne)


James brings a unique drive and client success focus to the ScreedPro sales and BD function in Victoria.  With extensive technical product and sales experience and a deep network in the Victorian flooring industry, most recently as a Technical Sales Representative for Sika, James is dedicated to our clients and their projects.


Contact James for:

  • Victoria quotes and project planning

  • Victoria major account relationship management


Keegan Greig

National Fleet Manager (Sydney)


Prior to joining ScreedPro, Keegan was the NSW Service Coordinator for a multinational heavy equipment manufacturer where he led teams building and servicing complex mining, agricultural and industrial equipment.  Keegan is responsible for the construction of our fleet, engineering, equipment safety, service, compliance and our domestic and international supply chain.  He also plays a key role in our safety committee.


Contact Keegan for:

  • National fleet management

  • Engineering, servicing and construction

  • Equipment and service supply chain

  • Equipment and fleet safety


Morriss Grillo

WA State Manager – Western Australia (Perth)


Morriss has worked for ScreedPro for over 7 years and has been integral to our growth and development over the years.  With deep experience in all aspects of our project delivery and client service, Morriss’ experience is highly regarded by our clients when planning and executing their projects.


Contact Morriss for:

  • West Coast quotes and project planning

  • West Coast operational and safety matters



Stephen Marsh ACA

Finance Manager (Perth)


Steve, a highly experienced Chartered Accountant, leads the finance and administration function for the group.  Previously the Finance Manager for the subsidiary of a US multinational, Steve brings extensive experience in finance, administration, insurance and systems implementation to our rapidly growing company.


Contact Steve for:

  • All finance and administration matters

  • Accounts payable and receivable

  • Insurance matters

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