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ScreedMax Fibre Automatic Fibre Dosing

Suitable for use with all our screed products, ScreedMax Fibre is our fibre strand chopping and dosing system that reinforces all our screed products with chopped fibre. 

Much cheaper and easier to work with than steel mesh, ScreedMax Fibre can help reduce the risk of cracking during the curing process.

ScreedMax Fibre is compatible with our engineered screeds as a mesh replacement which provides a significant cost saving as well as installation efficiency.

Many of our clients now use ScreedMax Fibres with all the screed installations providing a higher quality fibre reinforced screed for their builders at a nominal cost.

ScreedMax Fibre is of particular use when installing underfloor heating using an engineered screed from our ScreedMax Pro range, the use of Fibres instead of mesh is of a significant advantage due to the difficulties of installation using mesh over hydronic water heating pipes.


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