Our Builders

We know its tough running a complex construction site.

  • We aim to make our builders' lives better by:
  • Always being safe on site
  • Being organised and on-time
  • Being professional and accountable in everything we do
  • Taking responsibility for our sphere of operations and setting an example on site
  • Helping them accelerate their project timeline
  • Being problem solvers, not problem creators on site
  • Leaving site exactly as we found it
We want our builders to insist upon ScreedPro and we know that the easiest way to do that is to be an asset to them everyday we are there.

Our Tilers

Our business is built on working alongside Tilers and helping them be successful and grow their businesses. Our best clients have been with us for over a decade and we work hand-in-hand. We will:

  • Help you do better screeding, faster to help you improve and grow your business
  • Stand behind our product and service - every time
  • Help you win work and collaborate with you when you are tendering
  • Help you solve problems and share our expertise freely
  • Refer you work - we regularly have clients asking for installers
We really enjoy working with and helping out Tilers. The more we can help you succeed, the better our business will be also, its a win-win.

Architects and Engineers

We have a very strong technical and professional capability and regularly work with Architects and Engineers on solving problems and specifying. We will be detailed, accurate, pragmatic and accountable. We have products and procedures for every common screed installations (and plenty of not-so-common scenarios). Feel free to involve us and we will be part of the solution.

Our Suppliers

We have a great group of Suppliers, they know who they are! We ask a lot from them sometimes as we always go the extra mile for our Clients, so we ask the same from our Suppliers. With our Suppliers, we commit to

  • Loyalty - what goes around comes around and we like to build deep relationships
  • Reliability - we take great pride in being reliable and prompt in payment. We ask you to deliver on time, so the least we can do is pay on time!
  • A Partner - we are in this together, you are just as important to us as we are to you, so we will work together with you to support each other

Our People

Our business is built around our People and we talk about them a lot. As a family owned business, we know that our family and our Employees' families rely on each other for all our livelihoods. Our objective is provide our People with a great career that is safe, interesting, fulfilling and long term for the benefit of them and their families. For our People with the interest in progressinng further in their professional development, we are always looking for opportunities to develop great Operators into great Leaders.