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ScreedPro Overview

See our Pump Trucks in action.  Looking great, reversing into a tight site, safely set up on site  and pumping screed for our tilers or smashing out massive volumes of self leveling.  This is what it's all about.

770 Apartment Project in Engineered Screed

ScreedPro has been very proud to work alongside our long-term client Aquaroom Tiling in delivering this 770 apartment project in Schofields NSW.  The entire project is being completed in 30 Mpa engineered screed from the ScreedMax Pro range with the first 135 apartments totaling in excess of 200 cubic meters completed within the first 4 weeks.  Aquaroom Tiling have done an incredible job in accelerating the timeline for project delivery saving the builder months off their schedule.

300 Unit Project in Schofields NSW

In 2020 ScreedPro is working with Auscorp Tiling Services to deliver a record breaking 300 units totaling in excess of 500 cubic meters of screed in just 21 days.  Using the full capability of our pump trucks to pump in excess of 35 cubic meters per day this project is racing towards completing in record time and is an excellent demonstration of our capability and how we help builders and tilers exceed their own expectations.

One Sydney Harbour

After 2 years of dedicated planning and preparation, in collaboration with AllSeal and Sika Australia, we are very pleased to announce the commencement of floor leveling at the 67 story One Sydney Harbour for LendLease.

ScreedMax Fibres

Fibre reinforcement is a great and low cost addition to all products in the ScreedMax Range.  Our automatic fibre chopping and and dosing system will reduce the risk of cracking and can even be used as a substitute for expensive and difficult to handle steel mesh.

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