It sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There is no catch. We have a highly efficient, safe and quality controlled system and supply chain that allows us to mix and pump screed faster, cheaper and better quality than manual mixing. We pass the savings onto our clients, because if our clients are winning, then we are winning. It’s as simple as that.

We want to make every project a huge operational and cost saving success for our clients.

I haven’t used ScreedPro before, what do I do?

Give us a call. We love talking about screed. We will ask you some initial questions such as:

  • Where your job is and when you are doing it?
  • What the substrate is and what flooring product you are installing?
  • The approximate size and thickness of the area you are screeding?
  • Any particular specification you have from your builders or architects for the screed?

From this we will be able to quickly identify the most appropriate screed, estimate your quantities, provide a specification or system if needed, timeframe and cost estimate.

What happens when I book the screed truck?

You will receive booking confirmation from our dispatch system with all the details of your job. We will stay in touch leading up to the job to update on any new information or changes.

I have to cancel or reschedule a booking. What now?

Give us a call as soon as possible please. We run a very sophisticated booking and dispatch system and work hard to meet all our client’s schedules. The more notice we have of a cancellation or reschedule the better we can handle this smoothly and without cost. If we are cancelled once we are on site we have a minimum call out charge that applies but we try to avoid this of course, as no one likes cancellations.

I only have a little job, can you do that too?

Absolutely, we regularly do jobs as small as 1 cube (or even less). We like small jobs, medium size jobs and big jobs.

Even small jobs are cost effective when you factor in the savings on labour, purchasing and bringing materials and mixing equipment to site. We will focus on the screed so you can focus on job.

Our business was built on supporting small businesses (like us) so we will always say yes to the little job and make it worthwhile for you. Small job and clients grow into big jobs and clients.

Do you work nights and weekends?

The construction industry never stops and neither do we. We regularly operate nights and weekends. We know you need to rely on us, so we commit to working with your schedule including around the clock.

Can you do regional jobs?

Yes. We regularly supply screed to regional jobs. We have travelled over 1,400 km to supply the screed for a regional hospital and regularly supply country and regional projects. We love to travel - give us a call.

Can you offer trade credit accounts?

Yes. For qualifying clients we are able to offer fully insured trade credit accounts.

We insure all our trade credit accounts so that we can provide the best possible terms for our clients.

Contact us now to set up your account.

Something this awesome must be expensive. What does it cost?

Not at all. Our trucks are really efficient and we use our nation-wide buying power to source raw materials in bulk so we can pass the savings onto our clients. Our pricing depends on the job but always comprises two components: • A cubic meter rate for the screed • An hourly or daily Operating Time rate to cover the Pump Truck and Operator Our business is built on saving our clients time and money. When you factor in all the labour that you won't need for manual mixing and barrowing and the efficiency of getting your job done much faster, you should have saved both time and money.