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ScreedMax Fibre

Suitable for use with all our screed products, ScreedMax Fibre is our fibre strand chopping and dosing system that reinforces all our screed products with chopped fibre. 


Much cheaper and easier to work with than steel mesh, ScreedMax Fibre can help reduce the risk of cracking during the curing process.

ScreedMax Fibre is used by installers in conjunction with ScreedMax Commercial, ScreedMax Pro, ScreedMax Grano and ScreedMax Air and is suitable for:

  • Crack reduction

  • Underfloor heating screeds

  • Sand Cement screeds where higher performance is required

ScreedMax Fibres are specially designed for our fleet of Pump Trucks and are soft and easy to screed, don't stick up or interfere with the finished surface and have quickly become consistently incorporated as a standard order with many of our commercial clients and builders who value the low cost advantages of fibre reinforced screeds.

ScreedMax EffBlock

Automatically dosed by the computer in our pump trucks, ScreedMax EffBlock is our range of water repelling agents that block efflorescence in screeds.

Efflorescence blockers can traditionally be extremely expensive, however due to our bulk buying power, we are able to offer a top of the range blocker and water repelling agent, automatically dosed into the screeds at a fraction of the price of other products in the market.

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