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Cement Stabilised Sand

ScreedPro's cement stabilised sand is suitable for all bulk fill projects with the advantage of being pumped up to 200m.

Cement stabilised sand is sand that has been mixed with a low dose of cement and with a small amount of water so that it sets hard but not as hard as screed or concrete. 


It is often used by builders for projects such as:

  • Filling around water pipes

  • Bulk fill into voids

  • Landscaping projects and earthworks

Due to the low cement content, stabilised sands that are mixed by hand or other means often suffer from inconsistent mixing ratios and distribution of the cement powder throughout the sand resulting in variable results.  

The ScreedPro Pump Trucks deliver a completely accurate mix every time whether its a 5%, 8% or 10% mix ratio with the ease of programming the computer and then watching the stabilised sand be delivered out the pump hose exactly where it is needed, saving significantly on handling time and costs.

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