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Our Fleet

Our fleet of screed and self level mixing and pumping trucks bring state of the art technology, safety and efficiency to the construction industry saving time and money.

With over 25 mixing and pumping trucks Australia-wide and with the fleet planned to double again in the next 2 years, our scale and capability means that we can successfully deliver dozens of projects, simultaneously of all scales, Australia-wide.

Screed Pump Trucks

Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane


The mainstay of our fleet, our screed pump trucks manufacture and pump dry mix screed topping including:

  • Traditional sand cement screed

  • Engineered screed

  • Lightweight screed

  • Stabilized sand

  • Sand and soil

Self Level Pump Trucks

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane


Our fleet of 5 self level pump trucks manufacture and pump liquid products including:


  • Self leveling

  • Bulk fill

  • Grouts


Grab Truck



Our first grab truck recently joined the Sydney fleet adding significant capacity expansion allowing the onsite reloading of pump trucks to ensure continuous operation no matter how large the job.

First Generation Screed Mixing Trucks



Where it all began.  Our first generation mixing trucks are still operational mixing traditional screed for our Perth based clients.


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