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What is an insulated floating screed floor?

An insulated floating screed floor is where a screed has been installed over the top of the foam insulation boards usually in conjunction with the installation of hydronic water heating pipes.

The screed and the foam is normally isolated from the slab using builder's plastic.

Because floating screed floors are not integrated with the underlying slab substrate they cannot rely on the slab for strength as much as a bonded or even an unbonded screed. In fact, because the screed is installed over foam boards, the foam substrate should always be assumed to be compressible which can lead to cracking of the screed.

The floating screed needs to be able to fully support itself without reliance on the substrate. Accordingly, we recommed that the screed should always be a minimum 55mm thick engineered screed from the ScreedMax Pro range and should reinforced either with steel mesh or ScreedMax Fibres.

Floating screeds have many advantages in terms of insulation for energy saving and heating efficiency but must be very carefully selected in terms of strength to avoid costly damage due to movement and compression of the foam boards.


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