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How thin can you screed a floor?

Care must be taken with very thin screeds as they have an increased risk of cracking. Whilst some installers will instal screed to a "feather edge" we would never recommend it due to the associated risks of cracking which can result in delamination of the screed and tile.

Traditional bonded sand cement screeds, generally should not be installed to a thickness less than 15mm. Engineered screeds from the ScreedMax Pro range including the Mapei Topcem screed can be installed to a minimum of10mm.

For thin screeds we would definitely recommend the use of a good quality latex based adhesive to bond the screed as this will soak into and amalgamate with the bottom of the screed and ad due to the increased flexibility that comes with this type of adhesive can help decrease the risk of a thin screed cracking.

For areas less than 10mm it is recommended to use either a self level feather edge type product.


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