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What does it take to be a ScreedPro Operator?

They are the beating heart of our business and day-in-day-out deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients. But it's not for what does it take to be a ScreedPro Operator? They are not your average truck driver - thats for sure!

The ScreedPro Operator is many things and has many capabilities and qualities.

A surgeon with the truck

Whilst actually a small part of the job, driving to and from site safely is obviously extremely important. But more than that, when we get to site, we are often operating in very tight environments. This is not your average long-haul transport on the highways. Our Operators need to be able to use our rear-axle steering system to be able to reverse the truck into the tightest of spots.

A self starter who enjoys working independently

Most of the time, our Operators work independently. They are fully responsible for managing their truck, their start and finish times, load-out, operating on site, safety and client delivery. Operators who take the a real ownership of their truck, projects and clients. Our Operators love the independence and responsibility that comes with the job.

Can work as part of the team even though we are separate

Despite the face that our people often work independently, we work extremely hard to foster a strong team environment. We have lots of tools for doing this but fundamentally it boils down to Operators who are good communicators, enjoy working with like minded people and will always go the extra mile to help a colleague.

If this were a football team, they would be the quarterback, if it were an orchestra they would be the conductor

It's when they get to site that the real work begins. Our Operators take control of the entire operating sphere around our trucks and clients. It's their space, their operation and they own it. Safety is paramount and they will coordinate everyone involved in the day's screeding to make sure that there is a game-plan and everyone is on the same page.

They are constantly:

  • managing the safe operation of the pump truck and the hose setup

  • making sure the mix is perfect

  • coordinating changes in screed locations as we work through the project

  • adjusting the pumping rate to match the installers

The Operators are juggling many responsibilities to make sure the clients have a successful screed and our Operators take a key leadership role on site to make sure everything goes smoothly.

They love their Pump Trucks

There is no denying it, our Pump Trucks are awesome, look great and do amazing things. Our Operators are the type of people of love our technology and take a real pride in the rig. Most can be found with a chrome polishing cloth in hand or bucket of truck wash next to the truck throughout the day keeping the rig in top condition.

Having trucks painted black and covered in chrome would not normally be a very sensible move for a construction company mixing cement products every day, but our Operators love their trucks to look da-bomb and we know that the amount of pride they take in their rigs.

They are great communicators

Our Operators are constantly communicating. They are on the walkie-talkies with the installation crew, they are speaking with the client and site supervisors, they are talking with the office team on technical matters and planning the next job. 99% of problems can be quickly solved with effective communication and our Operators on site are the focal point that all communication feeds into and out of.

The are good with technology

Yes, our Pump Trucks are high tech but also every other part of our business is also high tech. We have amazing systems and custom apps that we use for everything we do. Everything we do has in built into our technology platforms and our Operators not only navigate it but embrace it. It's all built for them, custom, exactly to their needs and they embrace it as it is what empowers them to be able to do amazing things on site and with our clients.

They are cool headed in a crisis

The construction world can be pretty intense at times. The ScreedPro Operator is the kind of person you would want next to you in a foxhole. Cool headed, focused on the result and the sort of person you can rely on right at that point when you really need someone to rely on. There is always a problem that needs solving, a goal-post that has moved or an unexpected development. The ScreedPro Operator takes this in their stride, communicates well and stays focused.

Natural problem solvers - they pay attention to detail

Our Operators are always on the lookout for problems that they can solve, especially if they can nip a problem in the bud. Where its something unusual with how a client is doing an installation, or an unexpected sound from the Pump Trucks or a safety condition on site that has changed, our Operators are the kind of people who spot things early, pick up the phone to check with their colleagues and clients and solve the problem before it becomes a big problem.

So, who are our Operators?

In brief, our Operators are pretty amazing people.

They come from a variety of backgrounds, many with really interesting histories.

There is no one-size-fits-all mould for our Operators. They are all natural leaders and communicators with backgrounds such as ex-military, community leaders, offshore oil and gas technicians, riggers, airport airside transport coordinators, small business owners and much more.

They are the kind of people who love our business and what they do, who thrive under challenges and can be entrusted with the safety our of equipment and people and the day-to-day success of our business. So we think they are awesome.


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