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Zero Contact Screeding in a Covid-19 Environment

A unique benefit of the ScreedPro pump truck system is that it naturally facilitates social distancing during screed operations allowing us and our clients to deliver Zero Contact Screeding in a Covid-19 environment.

Traditional screed mixing involves workers crowding around screed mixers with shovels and cement bags, multiple workers pushing wheel barrows or carrying and passing buckets of screed between themselves.

The problems with this are exacerbated when site managers are under pressure to reduce the number of workers on site at any one time.

Whilst our pump truck system was not designed with a global viral pandemic in mind, one of the unexpected benefits of our system is that it facilitates screeding to continue on construction sites in a zero contact manner.

So how do we do this?

1. The Pump Truck arrives at site and an exclusion zone is established

2. The hoses are rolled out which can be conducted as a single worker activity

3. A single worker is responsible for controlling the tripod and works ahead of the screed installer maintaining social distancing

4. The installers (our clients) organise themselves so that they work in pre-defined zones to maintain social distancing. This can be one worker per room (for small areas) or different zones for large areas

5. At the end of the job, the client signs off the supply certificate using a no-contact method. In the past our clients would sign on the iPad screen but now we take a thumbs up photo of the supervisor confirming successful delivery

6. We implement increased cleaning protocols for our trucks and equipment

The health of our people and our clients is of critical importance to us. We need everyone happy and healthy to be able to continue to work. No one wins if everyone gets sick, so working together with our clients to maximise the benefits of the ScreedPro Pump Trucks for zero contact screeding has been enthusiastically embraced by our people, clients and builders alike.


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