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Screed Pump Hire Melbourne

Where do I hire a screed mixer pump in Melbourne? What type of screed pump should I hire? How do I operate it? How much will it cost? How do I safely set up the hoses and control the pressure? How do I get a good quality mix? The hoses are really heavy, how will I handle them safely? How do I clean it when I am finished?

These are all the questions that we get asked regularly about hiring and using screed pumps such as the Putzmeister.

Fortunately, you no longer need to worry about those questions. All you need to do to get your screed mixed and pumped is call our the ScreedPro Melbourne office on (03) 5024 7778 and book one of our fleet of screed pump trucks to supply your screed.

Our pump trucks take care of everything. They come fully loaded with all the screed ingredients in the truck and with a few taps of the computer, the mix is programmed in and starts pumping. We take care of everything saving you time, effort and money.

Why go to the effort of hiring a screed pump and then shoveling tones of sand into the mixer and breaking bags of cement and struggling with pump hoses and cleaning up, when with one phone call, a ScreedPro Screed Pump Truck can be on site and take care of everything.

And of course, all our screeds are fully guaranteed.


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