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70,000 sqm Engineered Screed in Schofield for Bathla Group

ScreedPro has been awarded the contract for in excess of 70,000 sqm of Mapei Topcem from our ScreedMax Pro range of engineered screeds for Bathla Group's major apartment project in Schofield NSW.

Taking advantage of our Pump Trucks' quality control and high volume production capabilities, stage 1 of the first 170 apartments will be completed within 5 weeks by end May with an additional 2 stages of 200 and 230 apartments to follow.

ScreedPro National Sales Manager Les Stockdale commented, "since commencing operations in Sydney in mid 2019, ScreedPro has cemented our 20 year reputation for quality and capability by already delivering 6 large scale 100+ apartment Sydney projects and we are delighted to be working with Bathla Group to accelerate their schedule for this substantial development.

Projects of this scale take full advantage of our significant capabilities enabling a rapid acceleration of project timeline and with 4 Pump Trucks now based in our Northern Sydney depot, we will have a Pump Truck dedicated to this project on a daily basis until the stage 1 is complete.

The engineered screed we are installing is the 30+MPa Mapei Topcem from our ScreedMax Pro range. It facilitates screeding down to 10mm without sacrificing strength, is fast drying, shrinkage controlled and is suitable for all flooring types being installed at the development.

Using the capabilities of our ScreedPro Pump Trucks we are we are regularly completing in excess of 8-10 apartments every day and helping to push along the schedule of the waterproofing and other trades in front of us as we accelerate this stage 1 project delivery.

Projects like this are perfectly suited to our Pump Trucks and ScreedMax Pro product range and we are very pleased to be able to work with Bathla Group on this important project for them as we further cement our reputation which has recently recognised in shortlisting as a 2020 finalist for the Australian Construction Awards, Supplier of the Year".


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