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Major Project Award – Schofields NSW

The ScreedPro NSW team is extremely excited to be starting our first major apartment project on the East Coast for Alpine Projects and Aquaroom Tiling

With over 100 apartments to screed including common areas, balconies and wet areas, our Pump Trucks will be mixing and pumping around 12 cubic meters of screed each day as we race to complete this project.

Most days will target completion of between 5-7 apartments 2-3 bedroom apartments with pumps up to 180m and 6 stories.

Aquaroom Tiling is doing the installation and their experienced teams will work hand-in-hand with the pump trucks to efficiently handle the large volumes of screed and the tight timeframes for completion.

Bring it on. We are PUMPED about this project and the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities in the Sydney apartment market


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