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Can you screed at night

We often get asked if we can screed at night. The simple answer is "yes" and there are in fact many advantages of night screeding.

When you screed at night, the conditions are often cooler reducing the risk of the screed drying too quickly from exposure to the sun.

At night, there are less other trades on site meaning that the installers have a less interrupted work environment and often screed much more than they would during a daytime screed.

For shopping centre refurbishment projects, it is common to screed at night and then have the areas that were screeded overnight, open to pedestrian traffic when the shops open the next morning (with the screed appropriately protected) meaning that shopping centre operations can continue uninterrupted.

We love night screeds. The conditions on site and often the best and our installers tend to achieve large square meterage in the cool, quiet conditions.


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